Tire Repair Service

Your tires are your vehicle's only contact with the road and properly maintained tires are critical to safety.

Symptoms one might experience if their automobile needs tires

  • Noisy from chopped condition
  • Pulling one direction while driving
  • Vibration at high speeds
  • Thumping at low speeds

Common services one might need if their vehicle is in need of this service

If you need tires you may hear noises at road speed, the vehicle may pull or stop hard, and the worst case you would get a blow out or a flat tire

Preventative maintenance tasks one should consider

  • Front end component replacement
  • Shocks or struts
  • Tire rotation or balance
  • Front end alignment

You should always follow the tire pressure and loading guidelines of your vehicle manufacturer. You’ll find these numbers on the tire information label on your vehicle or within the pages of your vehicle owner’s manual.

Content for informational purposes only.   Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for safety & repair concerns.

Please seek assistance of a professional mechanic for vehicle repairs & maintenance.

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